• Fabiana Touhey

Gardening and Drawing

I have always liked plants. When I was young, I used to play house in my grandfather's backyard. His yard was long and divided by a grassy area at the front and by a 'dirt' area at the back. There were fruit trees at the back of the yard--a cherry tree, a plum tree and a Goya tree. At the far back, some vegetables. It was in this area that I liked to play, right under the Goya tree, eventually climbing the tree and eating Goya fruit.

My grandmother liked to collect furniture and home items handed down from the family. After she passed away, my grandpa kept some pieces in a room in the garden. I was allowed to play and decorate my house under the Goya tree with all the interesting things I found there. I made pretend soup with leaves and berries. When I got older, I spent most of my summers going to the beach and enjoying nature in a different form. I also began drawing and painting flowers and finds from my environment. It was when I got married and moved to a house with a toddler that things really changed. Unhappy with how my garden looked, I stopped being just an observer and started to learn how to take care of plants. I took a basic gardening course and learned to care for the soil, began to understand that certain plants like full sun and others shade, and became familiar with all the different plant varieties and gardening styles. I have since spent twenty years designing and gardening. The real change came when I was no longer just observing but became a part of the plant world.